Springville Cross Country Teams


SHS Boys Cross Country

Emma Glass, Writer/Sports Reporter

On October 18, the Springville boys and girls Cross Country teams ran in a meet at Ashville high school. The boys’ and girls’ teams both came in first overall, beating the Ashville team at their home meet. The top boy runners from Springville High School: David Robles came in 2nd, Benjiman Chapman in 6th, Braden Chandler in 8th, and Elliot Denard came in 9th. The top girls from Springville High School: Carmen McMaster in 3rd, Caroline Summy in 4th, and Clair Hutchison in 5th. Overall, the Springville High School Cross Country teams have been doing phenomenal, Coach Watson says, “I’m very proud of them and how they have been performing.” Springville is very proud of our Cross-country team!