Who Is Behind the Yearbook?


Janie Dunaway

The yearbook staff gets some well earned pizzas

Madelyn Tesney, Reporter

Getting yearbooks at the end of the year is a tradition in many schools. It’s always exciting to look back through old memories.  However, the yearbooks don’t make themselves. The yearbook staff is hard at work creating them continually throughout the year. The seven person staff takes pictures of all school events, creates a format for each individual page, and organizes the photos onto them. Then, they make “write ups” which are short descriptions of whatever is on the page and find ads to cover the costs. On the staff is Janie Dunaway who said, “I love being on yearbook” and they “always get good food”. Caroline Tucker stated that the staff, “Always lives out the Tiger Code.” Making the yearbook is hard work, but it’s also their favorite class of the day.