Britt Wins Senate for Alabama


Bloomberg via Getty Images

Katie Britt, US Republican Senate

Rashad Williams, Writer

On Tuesday, November 8, Katie Britt won a one of Alabama’s two senate chairs. Britt defeated Will Boyd with Britt’s voting percentage siting at 66.8% and Boyd’s voting percentage Sitting at 30.9%. Britt later expressed in her post-election speech she says, “No one will worker harder than me in the United States Senate. I am going to listen to you, not lecture you. I know that every one of you is not going to agree with me on every single issue and that’s OK.” Britt also states, “I am going to be a voice for parents and families and hard-working Alabamians across this state,” she said, “and I’m going to work tirelessly every single day to make Alabama proud.”   By Katie Britt claiming victory over Will Boyd, it will make her the first woman elected to serve on the senate represent the State of Alabama.