Springville Christmas Parade


Central AL Rail Productions

Recent Christmas Parade in Springville

Mya Ownbey, Director

The city of Springville, Alabama is celebrating its 150-year anniversary this year during the annual Christmas Parade. The Christmas Parade will be held on Saturday, December 10th with the SHS Band and SHS Choir performing.  The SHS band will be performing “Angel Medley,” and the SHS choir will be designing a float to ride on. The parade will be moving down Highway 11 on Main Street and starts at 6:30pm. The SHS Band will also be performing in the Argo parade at 10:00AM. “Parade practice starts next Wednesday, December 7th at 3:15.” Mrs. Forsythe said to remind the color guard to prepare for the cold practice. Be sure to come out to see some amazing lights!