Cortez Johnson Jailed in Classroom


“Cortez get back in the class room”-Mrs. Olivera

Madelyn Tesney

Cortez Johnson, star of The Jungle’s “Tez Talks,” has been missing from recent episodes. Following recent infractions where he was being “rowdy” in the band room, Dr. Moore and Mrs. Oliveira have not allowed him to leave the Journalism classroom. Therefore, he could not film his segment. There was a glimpse of hope for about two weeks in December where Cortez had gained his freedom once again. He could leave the classroom and venture around the school for his segment. This turned out to be a misplacement of trust. Claiming to be in Mrs. Mahaffey’s classroom, Cortez was allegedly discovered to be skipping and roaming the school. Now Cortez is once again trapped inside, smothering his creativity. He states that it feels like he has been on, “class arrest for like a year straight.” Mrs. Oliveira, the journalism teacher, tells us that “Cortez is very charismatic and entertaining. He brings a lot to The Jungle, but he needs to make better choices,” before he is allowed to leave the classroom again. Even though he has been grounded to the classroom, Mrs. Oliveira has allowed him to film segments in the room. He has continued “Tez Talks” with inspirational talks to students. Will he ever be able to leave the classroom to film again? Time will tell.