Lauren Isley Miss Springville 2023

Scarlet Heard, Reporter

Lauren Isley was named Miss Springville on January 21st in the Springville Middle School auditorium. The pageant had eight contestants competing in several categories. Three individuals judged each category, and the results were tabulated to reveal the top four contestants and the new Miss Springville. When asked about the pageant, she said, “People continue to ask how I felt, and I say the same answer each time. I felt like I was on a cloud and I’m still not able to come down.” Lauren had also described her experience by saying that she felt overwhelmed but excited that she had won in her words, “I couldn’t stop crying.” She stated that the whole experience was exciting and everyone that participated was very nice. A lot of people believed she deserved to win the pageant which is evidenced by the other contestants voting her Miss Congeniality. She is known to be a very kindhearted and talented person. Good luck to Lauren in the future and for the upcoming year serving as Miss Springville.