Chinese New Year 2023

Mya Ownbey, Director

Chinese New Year is a yearly holiday celebrated by the Northeast Asian country, China. Each Chinese New Year lasts around 16 days with January 22nd, 2023 being the first day and the annual Lantern Festival being on February 5th, 2023. Each year a new zodiac is picked to represent how the year is going to go. This year, the zodiac is the Rabbit, while last year in 2022, it was the Tiger. In 2024, it will be the year of the Dragon. The Rabbit represents the element of water and is a Yin sign. Signs can be classified by element and Yin/Yang. The Rabbit also represents the moon, good fortune, and new career opportunities. Anyone can celebrate Chinese New Year and figure out what year their Zodiac is. Lantern Festivals take place all over the world. Remember to be respectful to other cultures and research before attending a festival or celebrating the holiday.