The History of Valentines Day


St Valentine historical photo

Hayden Davis

Valentines Day is celebrated every year around the world on February 14th as a month of love with gift exchange between family and loved ones. It is originated from Christian and Ancient Roman tradition in which Saint Valentine was described as a heroic priest who helped people in need, such as saving Christians from harsh prisons and performing marriages for the people who couldn’t marry. He was imprisoned for marrying young people in secret after marriage was outlawed, in which he sent the first “valentine” to a girl that visited him during his confinement before his execution. Valentines Day was meant to honor the fall of St. Valentine during the Middle Ages in Britain and France and is still celebrated annually. After learning about the history of Valentines Day, Landon Crotts says he was, “surprised that Saint Valentine was more than a baby with a bow and arrow.” Even though the cupid is often linked to the Saint Valentine’s story, it’s ties with Greek Mythology inspired the Valentines Day story into the holiday it is today.