Set The Tone Tuesday


Mr. Vann

FFA members in official dress

Candice McWhorter, Reporter

The first Tuesday of every month at Springville High School is “Set the Tone Tuesday” Dr. Moore decided to start this tradition to start each month with a business mindset on academics. On this day, students are encouraged to dress up in nice, professional clothes to set the tone for the month. Mr. Vann heard this news and took the opportunity to set the tone for FFA members. Each “Set the Tone” Tuesday, FFA members wear their official dress to school.  When he was asked why he thought of doing this he said, “I think it looks nice, and it normalizes wearing the FFA jacket.”  Several FFA members now wear their FFA official dress on the first Tuesday of every month. Set the tone Tuesday is a good reason to dress up in a fancy outfit or, for FFA members, wear the FFA official attire.