Springville’s Hosting of National FFA Week

Springvilles Hosting of National FFA Week

Clover Tarrant, Writer/ Editor

From the 18th to the 25th of February 2023, Springville High School hosted the National FFA celebration week. This week was a way for FFA members all through America to come together and celebrate FFA and being a member of such an important club. Starting this week on Saturday the 18th, SAE Sunday followed, then the national days of service Monday. Next was Tuesday, Alumni day, and Springville High School opened car doors in the middle school car line. Following was Wednesday, AG teacher appreciation day, and Thursday was give FFA day. Friday was national wear blue day, and Springville students came to feed teachers, dressed in their professional FFA clothes. Wrapping this up, Saturday ended National FFA week. “I enjoy FFA so much, and I am proud to be a member,” a member of FFA, Candice McWhorter, states.