Senior Parking Spots


This year at SHS the seniors were allowed to paint their parking spots.  This was the first time in school history that seniors could do this. The idea originated when Student Council president Molly Graben was talking about painting parking spots with her friends.  Molly and Student Council vice president Ella Andrews then proposed the idea to Mr. Moore.  Mr. Moore okayed the idea and on August 5th, for a fee of $30, seniors began working on their artistic parking spots.

A total of 87 seniors painted spots, which raised a total of $2,610.  There were many different, unique, and colorful parking spots. For some students, it was only two hours before their spot was filled with their creative designs.  For others, it took up to eight hours until they were satisfied with their spot.  Many seniors included their name, their sports jersey number, or the year of 2022 on their spot.

One popular spot is Christian Merchant’s “Among Us” spot.  My personal favorite spot was Caden Mobley’s, which features a Stratocaster painted in the center.

Overall the idea was a huge success as seniors were able to have fun and express their ideas onto their parking spot, and the school raised a large amount of money that will be used for parking lot renovations. Hopefully, the painted parking spots are here to stay.