Set the Tone


Anna Caroline

As the new school year has started, new traditions have begun as well. You might have noticed that one of the many new traditions is Set the Tone Tuesday. This event occurs every first Tuesday of the month and allows students to dress up more than usual. The guys are encouraged to wear suits with ties or even just khakis and a nice button-up. The ladies are encouraged to wear dresses, skirts, or jumpsuits. Walking through the halls, you might have seen a good many people taking advantage of this new event. Some would say that this tradition will not be something they participate in no matter what day of the week it is on. However, others see it as an opportunity to wear their newest shirt or dress. Some would also say that dressing up is a waste of time, energy, and comfort, but some see this event as a way to practice self-respect and discipline. Overall, Set the Tone Tuesday is a unique way of showing self-respect and just getting to dress fancy for a change.