Do You Agree with Your Zodiac Sign?

Rumor has it that your Zodiac sign represents your personality and the way you live your life. October has some very interesting Zodiac signs. At the beginning of October from Sep.22- October 23, the zodiac sign would be a Libra. Libras are very balanced, have harmony, are reconciling, and indecisive. The end of October birthdays, October 23- November 21, would be a Scorpio. Scorpios are known to be intense, instinctive, rebellious, and secretive.

A senior named Prayer Martin is a Scorpio and said she disagrees with her zodiac sign. Prayer says that Scorpios are the opposite of what she is. Prayer identifies herself as a calm and easy going person, while Scorpios are intense and harsh.

Janie Dunaway is a Libra. Janie agrees with her Zodiac sign because she is a laid back person and cannot stand conflict. Janie likes her life to be balanced and tends to be a mediator when conflict turns her environment around.

Another Libra is Slade Wyatt. Slade agrees with his Zodiac sign because he views himself as indecisive and wouldn’t think about changing his sign. He truly believes his Zodiac fits him well.

Braydon Henderson is a Scorpio. Unsure of his true feelings about his Zodiac sign, he says he feels like being a Scorpio suits him. He stated that he can be secretive and intense. Brayden plays basketball and tends to be very competitive in sports. Although he agrees with his Zodiac sign, Brayden would rather be an Aries for they are more courageous like him.

Happy early birthday, Libras and Scorpios!