Favorite Songs at SHS



SHS has a wide variety of students and teachers, so last week I went to some of these people and asked them their favorite songs. Here are five of them that I have randomly chosen.

“Yesterday” by The Beatles

“Yesterday” is a classic song by the Beatles that is about a break-up between the singer and his lover. This sad song is a great song to listen to anytime with an iconic melody that we all love.

“He Could be the One” by Hannah Montana

“He Could be the One” is a song from Hannah Montana 3 that we can all identify with our childhood. This song is sung by Miley Cyrus and has a light, airy beat that we could all listen to for a nostalgic feeling.

“Bad Habits” by Ed Sheeran

“Bad Habits” is one of Ed Sheeran’s newest songs that has been played on many radio stations recently. With a quick tempo and catchy chorus, this song is great for a workout or for a long car ride.

“Golden” by Harry Styles

This song released last year by Harry Styles is about how vulnerable love is and how difficult it is to move on from it after a breakup. This song still has an upbeat feel to it and is suitable to listen to at any time.

“Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen

This last and final song is a classic that I guarantee that you have heard before. It’s bouncy background and heartfelt lyrics give everyone a fun atmosphere for any occasion.