Is Tim Burton’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas” a Halloween or Christmas Movie?


On October 13, 1993, Disney released the film The Nightmare Before Christmas. This movie follows Jack, who is known as the pumpkin king, on Halloween. However, Jack has grown tired of the same holiday year after year and wishes for something new. He then stumbles into a realm which contains different trees that represent different holidays. Jack leaps into the Christmas tree and discovers the wonders of the Christmas holiday and decides to bring the holiday back to his own world.

This movie is a classic, but the biggest debate of the film is whether it is a Christmas or Halloween movie. I decided to ask around and figure out which time of year is best to watch this animated masterpiece. 45% of people said it was a Halloween movie, while the other 55% said it was a Christmas movie. So that makes The Nightmare Before Christmas the best animated Christmas movie in history.