Scottsboro’s Sad Homecoming

Everybody loves homecoming. The dress up days, the junior-senior wars, the parade, the dance, THE GAME. THE GAME is the big finale. The whole week prior, the classes are battling each other. But at THE GAME the school comes together.  All the students, teachers, alumni, and community cheer for their hometown. But how hard is it to cheer when the score is 14-nothing in the first quarter?

Last Friday night, we were the team Scottsboro chose to play on homecoming. We were also the team beating them by 14-0 in the first quarter. Quarterback Ashton Frye scored two touchdowns, and we firmly held our ground up to halftime. During the third quarter we battled hard. Patrick Bennett scored another touchdown, but Scottsboro snagged one, too. Entering the 4th quarter, the score was 21-6. I guess it finally sank into the wildcats that they were about to lose their homecoming. They began to fight back, scoring two touchdowns and tying it up with only a few minutes left on the clock. With time ticking away, Johnny Wolf sealed the win for the Tigers by kicking a 38-yard field goal.  Scottsboro lost their homecoming game 24-21.

As sad as it is for them, it’s not going to hold us back from celebrating. Our Tigers are ready for OUR GAME. This week we will dress up, (no) junior senior wars 😉 , have a parade, and have OUR GAME. We will meet as a community to cheer on our hometown of Springville. And, even though I am giving Scottsboro a hard time, the game is not about having pride in beating another team; it’s about having pride in your school. I’m sure Scottsboro students were disappointed, but win or loose they should be proud to be a Wildcat. Just like we are going to be proud to be a Tiger.

Enjoy these next few days. As much as high school stinks sometimes, it only come once. HOCO 2021 only comes once, so lets make the best of it!