College Football Landscape, so far…


Cameron Shaw

A live shot of college football from Jordan-Hare Stadium

Cameron Shaw, Writer/Producer

The 2022 College Football Season started in late August with a few warm up games, then on September 3rd, the real games started! So far here in the state, Alabama and Auburn are soon to round out the first half of the schedule. Alabama is currently 4-0 and Auburn is 3-1. There have been some incredible shakeups across the board. Hail Mary’s for the win, Overtime thrillers and some comebacks for the ages. The season is still young and lots will happen before the end. For me, it’s War Eagle!! Who are you pulling for this season? Is it Alabama? Is it Auburn? Is it UAB? Or is it someone out of state? No matter who you’re pulling for, it’s the best season of all: Football Season!!