Damar Hamlin’s Tragic Accident


Damar recovering in the hospital courtesy of his instagram page

Toxey Voudrie

On January 3, 2023, the Buffalo Bills played against the Cincinnati Bengals at 8:56pm. During the second quarter, number three, Damar Hamlin, went in for a tackle against Tee Higgens and he got hit just at the wrong time. Damar collapsed on the field and died right then and there. But the amazing medical team at Buffalo shot into action and revived Damar on the field that night. The paramedics rushed Damar to the hospital where they put him in the Intensive Care Unit. He remained there for a week. Now Damar has made a good recovery, and he is still cheering on his team. Unfortunately, the Bills lost in the second round of the play offs. The head coach, Sean McDermott, even went as far as to say that the medical staff was “The real heroes.” Nobody knows if Damar will ever get to play football again, but he is still in good spirits.