Cross Country




On August 28, Springville had its first cross country meet at the St. Clair County XC Classic. In the meet, there were twenty-eight teams, and Springville placed third overall. David Robels had the best time for Springville with a time of 18:46.16.

On September 4, Springville had its second cross country meet. David Robels, Benjamin Chapman, Nick Johnson, and Elliott Denard placed in the top twenty five out of 230 players. Congratulations to Springville getting 3rd place overall once again.

On Saturday, September 11, Springville had a huge meet at Chickasaw Trails Invitational. David Robels once again had the best time for Springville, which was  18:02.33. We had six players finish in the top 75 percent out of 364 other competing runners. Out of 53 other teams, overall Springville fought hard in finished in 34th place.

September 18, 2021 Springville has its last cross country meet of the month. Springville had 5 of our players place in the top 20. Those players where David Robels, Benjamin Chapman, Houston Colley, Cole Brome, and Nick Johnson. The team overall placed in 1st place! That is a great way to end the month.

Springville had a great and very successful first couple of meets. With this, Springville ends the month on a good note.  Congrats to the cross country team on doing well and good luck on the upcoming meets, and don’t forget go Tigers!